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If you are planning to sell your Property in Navi Mumbai, there is only one proper way to do it; by staging your property. These tips would help you sell your home in projects in Kharghar or any other localities in Navi Mumbai faster and for a higher price.

Don’t compare:

Overconfidence is a no-no when it comes to selling your Flats in Kharghar or any other area. Never compare your friends or neighbor’s home sale experience with your experience. When it comes to the market, the dynamics are very much local, and you should be well informed of the current market situation.


It is prudent to price your property in Taloja competitively, to get more buyer responses. Pricing your property incorrectly can lead to a severe loss. Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai are of the view that the real estate segment is on the rise, but the seller should mind the purchasing power of the buyer. Before pricing the property, have a look at the unsold properties and price your home in the Taloja projects. To facilitate the sale effortlessly, it is best to keep the paperwork handy with all the required approvals, permissions, and receipts.

Clean your home:

One of the primary requirements for getting your home ready for sale is the cleaning of your property located in projects of Ulwe. Every room should be sparkling clean along gleaming windows, clean counters and spruced grout. Even it may look simple; it is quite a difficult task to do it all by yourself. Builders in Navi Mumbai recommend the use of professionals to achieve the sleek look.

Declutter space:

Before putting up your flats in Kharghar for sale, it is best to declutter the space. When space is clear, the buyer will be able to determine if the house is correct for their needs. Remove all the furniture and other stuff from the kitchens, attic as clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards, and wardrobes account for more space than filling it with things. In case you are living there until you can arrange another place, keep your items neatly organized. Stow away the toys and other knick-knacks to get a sleek look.

Advertise smartly:

While taking steps to sell your flats in Ulwe, it is best to spread word of mouth through friends, relatives or even colleagues at work. The seller can also use their social media accounts to advertise their home. There are many online portals nowadays, that lets the user post free ads to sell or rent their property.

However, there are some guidelines when posting your property ad:

  • Upload many pictures of your home in the site.
  • Never furnish wrong information about the property. Nowadays with a click, the buyer will know the exact details.
  • Highlight the features like power back-up, security, guest rooms, club, spa, convenience store and other amenities available for the property.
  • Availing premium services is a good idea when staging the home for sale. These services will put your ad in the top and will be easily found by the buyers looking for projects in Navi Mumbai.
These tips will help you stage your home successfully in the market and bag the right price for your property.  

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