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Come festive season, we all look around for creative ideas to light up our home in Taloja Projects and make it celebration ready. Given it is the season of New year celebration try these DIY ideas to ring in the day.


Use these tips to add sparkle to your property in Navi Mumbai:

  • Take glass jars of different sizes and place tea-light candles in them to give a cheerful glow in your flats in Ulwe.
  • Add artificial wreaths that come with light bulb strings and hang them on your doors for that traditional Christmas welcome.
  • If you want to have stars all over the place, then opt for twinkle star-shaped string lights all over the windows and doors for an ethereal look.
Try the traditional welcome when planning to decorate your home for New Year. When inviting guest over to your Flats in Kharghar, surprise them with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree complete with lights, stockings, and some potted plants to introduce the colour green. Place some chairs in the hallway to rest their feet or to help you get ready for the day. If you have in a home at projects in Kharghar or projects in Ulwe, then you can involve other homeowners to participate in New Year celebrations by organizing a New Year party.


Most Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai stress the importance of the living room when planning New year celebrations as its the focal point. Create an elegant look in the room by using the same kind of lighting effect. You can also wrap faux foliage to factor in the winter element. Just loop some bright ribbons to make the colours pop. Add some candles as well to give a glow to the room.

Colour scheme

Most Builders in Navi Mumbai recommend a colour scheme to ring in the festive mood. You can either choose a contemporary or a traditional plan and build your way around them. The colors that are frequently used for decking up residences in projects in Kharghar are red, silver, gold and white. Over the years, there has been an infusion of many others like the pastel or the monochromatic shades that have enhanced the look of the room.

It is everywhere

Gearing up for New Year eve in your home at projects in Navi Mumbai is not just trees and gifts, the season’s greeting should reflect on every nook and corner of the house. Wrap your staircases, mantles or tables with garlands across its edges to bring on the festive cheer. Christmas themed pillows, cushions, throw pillows and the bright red colored rug is perfect to complete the look.The ultimate aim of bringing the festive cheer to your home is to bring family and friends together and to make wonderful memories on that day.

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