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Should you invest in Integrated Township?

  • Introduction: Integrated Township today is the norm of the Projects in Navi Mumbai. With rapidly disappearing backyards of the huge ancestral houses, we are comfortable with the reality of fast paced city life. City life is tricky as it does not have the luxuries of the town or a village, so some smart minds have come up with a novel idea of Integrated Township where one may not feel the lack of sustainable living. Let us understand some factors which you should consider for a project being called an Integrated Township.
  • What is Integrated Township? For a project to be called as an integrated township a project should be an independent sustainable unit. It should address basic needs of people such as education, shopping and health. Generally constructed over a land of 100 acres, there are townships which are constructed on a very small piece of land too, especially in case of cities where a lot of land is not available. In township there should be a mix of residential, commercial units along with infrastructure such as power, water, drainage,sewage etc. There should be more emphasis on the sustainable living.
  • Should you invest in integrated township? The answer to this question is Yes. Many states in India,especially Maharashtra relaxing norms which would help in promoting integrated developments, now there are many Builders in Navi Mumbai which are entering in the segment of integrated township. This is basically to reduce the unplanned development. There are properties in Ulwe which have schools nearby as a part of integrated development. Properties in Kharghar too have amazing integrated townships. With many Projects in Navi Mumbai coming up with this novel ideas, there are many takers for it too. Investing in Properties in Navi Mumbai which are located in the integrated township. Generally, integrated township is a safe bate for people who have kids and elderly people staying with them. One can easily access the school and hospital as it is within the reach. Play area, Gym, Swimming pool all are necessities of integrated township. Play area is an essential feature because it is a place where children and parents can unwind. Affordable housing with integrated township is one of the best options to invest at the present real estate scenario in Navi Mumbai. Have you thought over it yet?

Navi Mumbai – A Preferred Destination for Home Buyers

Navi Mumbai has been a home for many migrant workers since last decade. Availability of different companies, industries and a good commute are some of the reasons for the development of Navi Mumbai. Recently, affordable housing has made news and people from different parts of Mumbai are looking forward to invest in properties in Navi Mumbai. So, here is a sneak peek into the offer which Navi Mumbai has for the buyers.

  • Location:
    Over some years, properties in Navi Mumbai especially are counted as premium properties due to the amenities available. For the want of premium address people are interested in buying properties in Navi Mumbai, now especially in Kharghar, Taloja and Ulwe since these are the upcoming locations.
  • Commute:
    Availability of ample local train stations offers hassle-free commute options to the people living in Navi Mumbai. The development of roads is at par resulting in very less traffic snarls. The availability of city buses and ample other sources of commute makes Navi Mumbai a desired place to live. Projects in Kharghar are very close to the local train station as well as metro station making it the most preferred place.
  • Gated Communities:
    For over a decade, gated communities have been the best way of living as it offers everything to lead a comfortable life. A gated community is a place where each member of the family can have a time of their own. Different amenities such as swimming pools, children parks and walking areas are an integral part of these gated communities offering a safe heaven to one and all. Most of the Builders in Navi Mumbai look forward to deliver gated community projects understanding the requirement of the customers.
  • Availability of Schools:
    Navi Mumbai has some very renowned schools which have been functional since the development of the area. Some international schools are just near the gated communities and some are inside the gated communities. This makes Navi Mumbai a preferred location for buying properties. Flats in Ulwe, Flats in Kharghar are most sought after due to their proximity to good schools.
  • Proximity to the hospitals:
    The care of elderly is utmost important and it is always wise to buy a property which is near a good hospital. Navi Mumbai has many multispeciality hospitals in different areas. There are also many practitioners of alternative medicine. Availability of palliative care centers and good hospitals in the vicinity is one of the major reasons why Navi Mumbai is a preferred location for Home Buyers.
  • The upcoming International Airport:
    The development of Navi Mumbai and the upcoming international airport has always been in the news and rightly so. It is mainly because while in Navi Mumbai one has to commute a lot to reach both domestic as well as international airport. The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is an answer to this problem. The properties in ulwe are in demand due to its proximity to the upcoming International Airport.

Tips for NRI’s to invest in Navi Mumbai real estate market.

Introduction :

Are you Non Resident Indian? And you eye the lucrative Indian Market? Well, then must say that let not this opportunity slip off your hands. With the incorporation of the Benami ACT, FEMA, the RERA ACT, demonetisation, and the GST ACT, more and more investors are feeling secured to invest in the booming Indian Real Estate Sector. And why not? Who does not want the capital appreciation in addition to the regular rental income. Buy an apartment or a luxurious villa, the investment in the Navi Mumbai Real Estate Sector is definitely promising. Yes, the gains come hand in hand with small pain when it comes to buy a property in India. It is understandable that the less proximity to the property becomes a major issue while you decide to put the eggs in this basket

Navi Mumbai is growing by leaps and bounds. With its strategic location, tranquil environment, affordable housing and the greater commutation facilities Navi Mumbai is the first option where any investor would build a house of his own. We bring to you simple questions and give you tips so that the investment in your dreams in the Real Estate Sector becomes a happy and easy affair.

1) Why do you want to invest?

Before taking the first step towards your home, it is always advisable to introspect your purpose of investment in Navi Mumbai specially for Projects in Kharghar and Ulwe. You can be specific whether you want it for commercial use, you want to rent the residential home/apartment/villa, or you want to build a home for your old age. If you are looking for only high returns, then select highly developed areas of Navi Mumbai.

2) Did you check how credible is the house Developer?

Once the location is finalised upon, the next tough decision is about the house Developer. You being outside India, it would be appreciated of you thoroughly check the background of the builder. Either through your kith and kins or through having a even one on one communication on skype or phone.

3) Do you opt for housing loan?

The bank process is entirely different for the NRIs. If you have a great record of repayment acquiring loan should not be a hassle at all. If you have a pre-approved loan for yourself then it is just a cake-walk. Know about housing loan thoroughly before moving ahead.

4) Do you know Tax implications in India?

Non-Residential Indians should be cautious about investment, penalties, tax payment in India. Before you invest have a walkthrough the property taxes, rental taxes to avoid any huge losses.

5) Did you verify all the legal documents?

Verify the documents meticulously. The title of the property, the previous owners and the local authorities. You should always understand if there were any legal disputes associated with the property you have chosen.

By answering honestly all these 5 questions, a dream home is no farther away.

Happy house hunting!!


Real Estate Trends for year 2018

2017 has undoubtedly been very eventful for the real estate sector. There have been many reasons for the same. But the most important reasons are the implementation of the Goods and Service Tax ( GST), The real estate regulation act ( RERA) and demonetization drive which left the whole country in surprise. The GST had created a good wave of change in the real estate sector while there are some reports which state the trend in the real estate market.

These trends were correct for 2017 and are going to be for real in 2018.

Affordable housing will be at the center stage:

There is a decrease of 18% during the second quarter of the current year as compared to the last year. Real estate market in Navi Mumbai has been doing well in the affordable housing sales as against other metropolitan cities which have failed miserably. It is said that Navi Mumbai has recorded sales across different price ranges.

Price variation:

For keeping the price levels well within the range of homebuyers the real estate developers in Navi Mumbai, may reduce the size of housing units in a way which would cater to most buyers without compromising many other important aspects of real estate.

Quality of life as a deciding factor:

Despite the price range, the homebuyers do not want to compromise on the factors such as quality of life and liveability factor. The liveability factor is nothing but sufficient space for parking, convenience store, a well-lit campus and parks as the mandatory requirements. When the price range goes above 50 lakhs, the amenities like club house, gym, swimming pool and other facilities are also included which is a great thing for buyers looking out for the quality of life.

Industry under regulation:

With RERA in place, the trust factor among the property buyers has increased, people are more than interested to invest in a destination which will give them returns. Property market in Navi Mumbai especially sub urban area such as Ulwe is making news due to the returns that it offers. Being amidst the development of the Navi Mumbai International airport, Ulwe is the most preferred destination offering better returns to the property buyer. RERA has reinforced the trust among property buyers with necessary regulation. Despite GST implementation, the tax benefit with GST is something to look forward to. Initially, there would be hesitation in the market due to GST slab, but slowly it would surpass, and the income tax benefit would be emphasized more.

These trends are to stay for 2018. The demonetization drive across the country was a game changer in real estate market. The budget for the year 2018 also did not deliver much as expected, so the real estate market is low on buying sentiment. Let us hope that we see a better 2018.


Real Estate Budget for 2018-19

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the 2018-2019 budget on Thursday. This budget was majorly focussed on farmers and agriculture. But there is a lot to cheer about in real estate sector too. This budget seems balanced with a focus on affordable housing. But the real estate experts also say that there this budget of 2018 will not impact the real estate sector directly as there were expectations of concessional GST from the budget and it was not met. As for real estate market in Navi Mumbai goes, the sector is continuing a good run due to better developments in the area. The budget does not ease out the issues of people willing to buy property in Navi Mumbai.

Here are some highlights from the real estate sector

  • The budget looks biased towards agriculture health and education. The real estate was not spoken in the budget as much as it was expected. There was a massive disappointment as concessional GST, stamp duty regularization or change in the capital gain window on REIT did not get covered. There were no changes in income tax slabs too.
  • The goal of the government which attributes to housing for all by 2022, the government is planning to build one crore houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. There would be a dedicated housing fund under the NHB for priority sector lending.
  • There would be a standard deduction to the salaried group of people which has come as a breather to the buyers. This would undoubtedly help better real estate investment. Digitized transactions are one more aspect which would provide more transparency in the Indian Real Estate Industry. It will bring in fair play for real estate sector players who look forward to being organized and also will curb frauds.
  • The demand for real estate will escalate as there would be a facility of ease of credit for affordable homes. The housing sector will see a better future with the most coveted Smart City initiative which is a step in the right direction.
  • Buyers and sellers of the property have tax relief as the property will be valued up to 5% below the circle rates. This is for calculation of stamp duty and capital gains tax.
  • Most of the real estate expert says that this move will bridge the gap between circle rates and market rates.

Overall, it was not a significant budget for real estate sector which is seeking industry status for a long. Still, there are some small but efficient changes which may create a positive vibe among the investors. We look forward to the year ahead with a lot of expectations.


Real estate in Navi Mumbai – A buyer’s perspective

Navi Mumbai real estate has been on a high since last some years. Different policy changes have triggered the settlement in the market which has brought in the paradigm shift in the buyer’s perspective. Here is a guide to buyer’s perspective on the real estate in Navi Mumbai.

Decision making points :

Development of Navi Mumbai airport is the point of importance while choosing the property locations in Navi Mumbai. Settlement of prices is also one paramount point which buyers may look at in the coming year although there has been only marginal settlement.

Policy Changes :

Real Estate Regulatory Act has been a check in the real estate industry’s business practices, which has brought in a lot of trust from investors. GST, a single window tax system has been a game changer in buyer’s sentiment. The property buying sentiment is positive and in the year 2018, there would a be a surge in property buyouts. Many buyers are yet to be well acquainted with the guidelines of RERA and GST, the awareness of both of these game-changing policies will create a level playing field.

Myriad options :

There are numerous projects in Kharghar which can be thought after for buying. Kharghar has been developed keeping the Navi Mumbai airport in view. It has some of the best projects in Navi Mumbai. Among the other popular locations, Ulwe has been the upcoming locations regarding real estate. People prefer buying flats in Ulwe as it is the most upcoming real estate market in Navi Mumbai.

Connectivity :

Connectivity of Ulwe and Kharghar is good with the rest of the Navi Mumbai with many good schools and hospitals, Ulwe has been the prime real estate spot for the last year and continues to attract the traction for buyers interested in affordable property buying segment. With RERA and GST in place, buyers are looking at a property which is value for money.

Physical Infrastructure :

Navi Mumbai has impeccable infrastructure which focuses on water supply. Navi Mumbai also receives good amount of rainfall and CIDCO has made sure that the disposal of rainwater is taken care of. A very effective storm water drain management system is designed to prevent flooding.

A property buyer while buying any property would look forward to a value for money preposition, Navi Mumbai is and will be the most preferred destination for real estate in the next coming years for sure.


How RERA is shaping up Navi Mumbai’s real estate development

RERA, as it is commonly known as, is the Real Estate Act 2016 and one of the prime reasons which are leading Navi Mumbai to be the next Real Estate hub. This enactment by the Indian Parliament is mainly aimed at protecting the interests of the home buyers by bringing in the crucial element of transparency in the Real Estate transactions.In turn, this is further expected to boost the investments made in the Real Estate Sector. Under this Act, all the developers have to register all their Real Estate Projects ( More than 500 Sq. Meters or More than eight apartments) with their respective state’s RERA.With this Act, a regulatory authority has been established in India for the Real Estate Sector which is a move long awaited.

Given the nature of Mumbai and the ever-increasing population of Mumbai, a flats in Navi Mumbai is the most desirable one for all MumbaiKars. Navi Mumbai, with its clean and green environment, has always attracted more dwellers than Mumbai. The area has better connectivity, infrastructure and thus calls for a second home for many. Navi Mumbai is a well-planned rapidly developing modern metropolis. Ulwe property rates are affordable to everyone and looking at the development it will be the preferred residential Property in Navi Mumbai are sought after, given the above-mentioned reasons and more. The real estate sector in India was infamous for its notorious non-transparent nature. This made people, and home-buyers think million times before leaping into the deal. It is observed that a few years ago, the builders and developers followed a trend! Home-buyers had to pay the 30-40% of the total property price in the form of cash. A tradition of seeking cash component would turn the heads off of the regular middle class and upper middle-class buyer.RERA is indeed a pro-consumer Act. With this Act, the informed home-buyer insists on cheque payment and also demands to record all the transactions thus made.

All this and more has given an impetus to the already developing city of Navi Mumbai. Then let it be Vashi or Ulwe; RERA has given those wings to the aspirations of a common man.

The main highlights of the Act include

  • The compulsory registration of the project with the Maharashtra State RERA.
  • The provision of Reserve Accounts so that the funds collected for a new project can’t be re-routed to the other one. Thus, 70% of all the receivables of a project need to be parked under a specially meant Reserve Account.
  • The promoters need to disclose the progress of the project to RERA continuously. This will enable the home-buyers to monitor the project at a click of a button.
  • Title representation and standardization of sales agreement.
  • Penalty: – The violators of the Act will be penalized strictly up to 10% of the project cost and have to undergo imprisonment.

Why wait? With RERA, there are a million reasons to be a proud Navi Mumbaikar!