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Mumbai is home to a number of people. From the 4 popular metropolia, Mumbai is the favorite destination, mainly because of the lifestyle and opportunities it offers. The amenities and the resources that it has, cannot be matched with any other city in India as of now. The commute is flawless, be it from the central part of Mumbai to Western part or to Navi Mumbai. As the commute has become easier, the Navi Mumbai suburb is growing and one of its most growing areas is Taloja. Here are the top five reasons why this is the right time to own a Property in Taloja, Navi Mumbai.

  1. Compelling prices: The price proposition which Taloja offers is almost 50% of the price which its neighbor Kharghar offers. Statistics say that a 2 bhk flat at Taloja with the reputed builders will cost around Rs. 46-50 Lacs. This is the simple dream price for many new house aspirants. The same costs a whopping Rs. 75 lacs in the Kharghar locality (just minutes away).
  2. Steadily growing rates of property prices: As per the research by one of the well-known property portals, the price rise for a property is steady in Taloja. It surged by an average of 29.1% during the two years namely 2016-2018. This steadfast appreciation of the property prices makes it even more desirable.
  3. Easy Commutation: Commutation in Navi Mumbai has improved multifolds in the past few years. A few years back Taloja was primarily a destination for second home. But now looking at the burgeoning population here, it is now a dream place to settle for many. Metro connectivity is going to commence soon from Pendhar to CBD Belapur. You must know CBD is the business and banking hub of Navi Mumbai. The convenience of the Metro is what appeals to people the most. Moreover, the under-construction Flyover from Taloja to Kharghar will make this area known as Kharghar Annex.
  4. Rapidly Growing Infrastructure: City and Industrial Development Corporation(CIDCO) has been instrumental in the overall infrastructural development here at Taloja. It is laying the phase by phase development of the town very quickly. We should be able to witness basic amenities and social infrastructure in a very short time from now, given the previous history.
  5. Other reasons: Taloja is well connected to other places by road and rail. Kharghar and Panvel stations are nearby. The close proximity of Mumbai Pune Highway, the Upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, upcoming Trans-Harbour Sea Link are the other reasons why more and more people are flocking towards Securing a house at Taloja.
Given all these reasons it looks lucrative at this point in time to buy Property in Taloja.

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