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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest Property in Taloja?


Mumbai is home to a number of people. From the 4 popular metropolia, Mumbai is the favorite destination, mainly because of the lifestyle and opportunities it offers. The amenities and the resources that it has, cannot be matched with any other city in India as of now. The commute is flawless, be it from the central part of Mumbai to Western part or to Navi Mumbai. As the commute has become easier, the Navi Mumbai suburb is growing and one of its most growing areas is Taloja. Here are the top five reasons why this is the right time to own a Property in Taloja, Navi Mumbai.

  1. Compelling prices: The price proposition which Taloja offers is almost 50% of the price which its neighbor Kharghar offers. Statistics say that a 2 bhk flat at Taloja with the reputed builders will cost around Rs. 46-50 Lacs. This is the simple dream price for many new house aspirants. The same costs a whopping Rs. 75 lacs in the Kharghar locality (just minutes away).
  2. Steadily growing rates of property prices: As per the research by one of the well-known property portals, the price rise for a property is steady in Taloja. It surged by an average of 29.1% during the two years namely 2016-2018. This steadfast appreciation of the property prices makes it even more desirable.
  3. Easy Commutation: Commutation in Navi Mumbai has improved multifolds in the past few years. A few years back Taloja was primarily a destination for second home. But now looking at the burgeoning population here, it is now a dream place to settle for many. Metro connectivity is going to commence soon from Pendhar to CBD Belapur. You must know CBD is the business and banking hub of Navi Mumbai. The convenience of the Metro is what appeals to people the most. Moreover, the under-construction Flyover from Taloja to Kharghar will make this area known as Kharghar Annex.
  4. Rapidly Growing Infrastructure: City and Industrial Development Corporation(CIDCO) has been instrumental in the overall infrastructural development here at Taloja. It is laying the phase by phase development of the town very quickly. We should be able to witness basic amenities and social infrastructure in a very short time from now, given the previous history.
  5. Other reasons: Taloja is well connected to other places by road and rail. Kharghar and Panvel stations are nearby. The close proximity of Mumbai Pune Highway, the Upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, upcoming Trans-Harbour Sea Link are the other reasons why more and more people are flocking towards Securing a house at Taloja.
Given all these reasons it looks lucrative at this point in time to buy Property in Taloja.
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Looking Beyond Property Investments

For many investors, property investments fit the following description: Dependable, stable and high value. But some points need to be paid attention to when looking past the outer shell of property investments. The Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai agree that even though investments are good, one has to look beyond and discover its potential. When investing in Property in Navi Mumbai, an investor should look into the factors of liquidity, risk and returns, diversification and tax efficiency.


Before making any kind of investment in projects in Navi Mumbai or anywhere across the country, it is important to consider the factor of liquidity. Liquidity is nothing but how easy and fast is it for an investor to turn their asset to liquid cash? The reasons for liquidating an asset could be many. At the same time, liquidity should also prevent a loss from happening. The advantage of property investment is that as time grows, the value of a property in Taloja or any other will increase over the years.

Risk and returns:

When it comes investing in Taloja projects or across the country, it is the view of Builders in Navi Mumbai that property has the potential to generate substantial returns when compared to other types of investments. It comes with low risk and has the ability to return high-returns. With a growing need of residential and commercial projects across the projects in Ulwe and other areas of Navi Mumbai, it is prudent to invest in properties across Navi Mumbai, and the investor can enjoy the constant, sometimes rising source of passive income till they continue to hold the property. At the same time, the owner also has to consider the maintenance costs and other expenses to chalk out a plan that will help them to recover their initial costs incurred during the procurement of the property.


When looking to create an investment portfolio, it is important to diversify so as to balance the risk and reward. Having a property investment as part of your portfolio like purchasing flats in Ulwe will add not only an investment but also an opportunity for passive income or a place to live your dreams. In case, the other investments in your portfolio experience a drop, your investment in projects in Kharghar might experience a rise in value due to the structural or infrastructural developments in the area or its nearby areas. This will lead to an increase in passive income if you have rented out your Flats in Kharghar and will balance the other side of your portfolio.

Tax efficiency:

Nowadays, the Government has introduced many schemes to encourage housing for all. There are many tax benefits available to buyers who are wanting to buy a property for both residential and commercial purposes. A residential property qualifies for tax deductions and rebates under section 80C, 24B and 80EE of the Income Tax Act,1961. If it a first home for the buyer then, the repayment of principal amount and interest are eligible for tax benefits. If the owner is renovating then the section 24B is very much beneficial. When looking to invest in property, it is not only important to thoroughly assess the property,but it also vital to evaluate the investment against longer-term expectations. This approach will help the buyers to taken a wise decision regarding their investments.
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The Real Estate Investment Checklist

Buying a property for the first time may seem like a daunting task to person especially for first-time buyers. The buyers need to take an informed decision when it comes to investing in a property in Navi Mumbai or any other properties across the country. A correct decision will lead to happiness and financial security, whereas the wrong one can point to potential problems.

Before investing in a property, the Real Estate Developers of Navi Mumbai recommend the following checklist that will assist the buyer in making a well-informed purchase:

Developer credentials:

As per the rule of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA), developers and Builders in Navi Mumbai have to be registered before advertising a property for sale. The buyer has to verify the credibility and the track record of the builder when it comes to the quality, construction methods, completion and handing over of projects in Navi Mumbai.


If the buyer wants to invest in Taloja projects, they should first check the area of the property. The position of a project plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing the value of the asset. If the buyer requires a residential property in Taloja, the check of long-term viability, accessibility, facilities in and around the area and the amenities offered by the builder is a must.


Whether it is an investment about Flats in Ulwe or flats in Kharghar, the buyer must assess the growth graph of that particular area. They must evaluate whether the area is in decline mode or has reached the point of saturation where there is an excess of amenities. If the property located in an area that is currently in the early stages of development, then the buyer must make themselves aware of how this development will affect their investment’s value.


The buyer must first determine the use of the investment before zeroing on an asset as it helps in deciding the future course of action. If the buyer wants the asset for his personal purposes, they receive the benefit of self-utilization and capital appreciation. If the buyer wants passive income, renting or leasing is a good option. Then there is the option of long-term and short-term hold that gives a quick profit on resale or is suitable for options like retirement or educational expenses.

Points to check:

If the buyer is interested in buying a property in projects in Ulwe, then they should make a checklist of the following points:

  1. Confirm the travel accessibility like the nearest bus and train stations.
  2. Whether the area provides quick access to hospitals, schools and other amenities?
  3. The connectivity options to major business locations like Pune, Mumbai and others.
  4. The ongoing or completed infrastructural developments like good roads, drainage systems and others.


As RERA has mandated every builder to register their credentials, the buyer has to note down the registration number. They have to receive proper declaration stating the project completion period along with necessary land and building permits. The sale affidavit should contain the date of handover and the rate of interest in case of default from the builder’s side. Whether the buyer invests in Projects in Kharghar or others in Navi Mumbai, they should make sure that the property fits all their requirements and every point on the above-detailed checklist as it helps them secure the best property in town.
Real Estate is The best Investment Option

Top Reasons Why Real Estate is The best Investment Option

Real estate investments have been the traditional form of investments to go to when anyone even suggests the word investments. They come with many benefits and has always been a necessity to grow wealth. Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai often feel that investing in real estate will give a constant source of income.

Want to know the top reasons as to why real estate investment is the best? Here they are:


If you are investing in projects in Navi Mumbai or any other across the country, the first benefit of that investment would be safety. Stocks and shares are another forms of investments that have the potential to give the highest returns, but they also carry around high risk. They face uncertainty as their prices rise and fall, but real estate investment does not carry that kind of jeopardy.


Historically, it is proven that real estate values increase over time. No matter of the dips in the market, if you are investing in a property in Taloja or anywhere else in the country, it bounces right back. Many Builders in Navi Mumbai are of the opinion that even though the market may face ups and downs, real estate gives a cushion for the investor to fall back.

Suits everyone:

Real estate suits everyone’s investment goals, irrespective of its use. In case a buyer wants a buy a flat in projects in Kharghar as their first investment or buy any flats in Ulwe for rental income to diversify their investments, there are projects available.

Passive income:

When investing in a Property in Navi Mumbai, there is an advantage of receiving passive income in the form of rent, till the time the investor owns the property. With the right tenants, the investor can get a guaranteed source of income every month as a surplus to their monthly earnings.

Tax benefits:

By investing in projects in Ulwe, the investors would get tax benefits up to Rs.1.5 lakh as a deduction from their taxable income. The investor can also tax deductions for any renovation or reconstruction of the property.


When investing in Taloja projects, not only the property’s value increases, the property value will also increase when there is an improvement in infrastructures like easier access to shops, malls and other amenities. When the area is also well-connected by road, rail and air transport, then the property value will be on the rise.

Fiscal discipline:

Many financial institutions offer loans for buying properties across the country. If an investor purchases Flats in Kharghar through the means of a loan, then they need to pay timely Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI). This practice instils financial discipline and urges the investor to make the payments on time.


Real estate investments are tangible in nature. They increase in value or stay in the same value unlike other investments like stocks that can lose value overnight or like a car that will decrease in value as the years go by. When it comes to investments, real estate has many benefits to offer and is one of the best ways for income and wealth generation.