Builders in Navi Mumbai

Should you invest in Integrated Township?

  • Introduction: Integrated Township today is the norm of the Projects in Navi Mumbai. With rapidly disappearing backyards of the huge ancestral houses, we are comfortable with the reality of fast paced city life. City life is tricky as it does not have the luxuries of the town or a village, so some smart minds have come up with a novel idea of Integrated Township where one may not feel the lack of sustainable living. Let us understand some factors which you should consider for a project being called an Integrated Township.
  • What is Integrated Township? For a project to be called as an integrated township a project should be an independent sustainable unit. It should address basic needs of people such as education, shopping and health. Generally constructed over a land of 100 acres, there are townships which are constructed on a very small piece of land too, especially in case of cities where a lot of land is not available. In township there should be a mix of residential, commercial units along with infrastructure such as power, water, drainage,sewage etc. There should be more emphasis on the sustainable living.
  • Should you invest in integrated township? The answer to this question is Yes. Many states in India,especially Maharashtra relaxing norms which would help in promoting integrated developments, now there are many Builders in Navi Mumbai which are entering in the segment of integrated township. This is basically to reduce the unplanned development. There are properties in Ulwe which have schools nearby as a part of integrated development. Properties in Kharghar too have amazing integrated townships. With many Projects in Navi Mumbai coming up with this novel ideas, there are many takers for it too. Investing in Properties in Navi Mumbai which are located in the integrated township. Generally, integrated township is a safe bate for people who have kids and elderly people staying with them. One can easily access the school and hospital as it is within the reach. Play area, Gym, Swimming pool all are necessities of integrated township. Play area is an essential feature because it is a place where children and parents can unwind. Affordable housing with integrated township is one of the best options to invest at the present real estate scenario in Navi Mumbai. Have you thought over it yet?

Navi Mumbai – A Preferred Destination for Home Buyers

Navi Mumbai has been a home for many migrant workers since last decade. Availability of different companies, industries and a good commute are some of the reasons for the development of Navi Mumbai. Recently, affordable housing has made news and people from different parts of Mumbai are looking forward to invest in properties in Navi Mumbai. So, here is a sneak peek into the offer which Navi Mumbai has for the buyers.

  • Location:
    Over some years, properties in Navi Mumbai especially are counted as premium properties due to the amenities available. For the want of premium address people are interested in buying properties in Navi Mumbai, now especially in Kharghar, Taloja and Ulwe since these are the upcoming locations.
  • Commute:
    Availability of ample local train stations offers hassle-free commute options to the people living in Navi Mumbai. The development of roads is at par resulting in very less traffic snarls. The availability of city buses and ample other sources of commute makes Navi Mumbai a desired place to live. Projects in Kharghar are very close to the local train station as well as metro station making it the most preferred place.
  • Gated Communities:
    For over a decade, gated communities have been the best way of living as it offers everything to lead a comfortable life. A gated community is a place where each member of the family can have a time of their own. Different amenities such as swimming pools, children parks and walking areas are an integral part of these gated communities offering a safe heaven to one and all. Most of the Builders in Navi Mumbai look forward to deliver gated community projects understanding the requirement of the customers.
  • Availability of Schools:
    Navi Mumbai has some very renowned schools which have been functional since the development of the area. Some international schools are just near the gated communities and some are inside the gated communities. This makes Navi Mumbai a preferred location for buying properties. Flats in Ulwe, Flats in Kharghar are most sought after due to their proximity to good schools.
  • Proximity to the hospitals:
    The care of elderly is utmost important and it is always wise to buy a property which is near a good hospital. Navi Mumbai has many multispeciality hospitals in different areas. There are also many practitioners of alternative medicine. Availability of palliative care centers and good hospitals in the vicinity is one of the major reasons why Navi Mumbai is a preferred location for Home Buyers.
  • The upcoming International Airport:
    The development of Navi Mumbai and the upcoming international airport has always been in the news and rightly so. It is mainly because while in Navi Mumbai one has to commute a lot to reach both domestic as well as international airport. The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is an answer to this problem. The properties in ulwe are in demand due to its proximity to the upcoming International Airport.