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Home is the place where you let your inhibitions loose and have a relaxed time. Adding a wee bit of luxury to our home is the perfect ending to a long and arduous day. Many interior designers use a mix of materials and finishes to add that luxurious touch. Many Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai recommend these five luxury home design trends.

1.Wallpaper makeover:

Many are of the opinion, that wallpapers are a thing of the past. It is a common misconception, one can use wallpapers to create different looks for each and every room of the property. There are many kinds of wallpapers that come in metallic accents, florals, rich colors that just pop and capture the essence of the room. Using one wallpaper on side of the room and paint on the other side is a great way to bring out the furnishings of the room. Wallpaper can also be used to create accents or bring layers of textures to the whole house.

2.Beautiful lightning:

Lighting is the magic that can make or break a room. Dynamic lighting helps in adding a retro look to the room. Setting up a zigzag lighting pattern on the bedroom walls with the built-in library over headboard can add a romantic yet efficient effect to the bedroom. Many Builders in Navi Mumbai, recommend the use of well-organized lighting to add luxury to the apartment.

3.Fusion of floral trends:

Bold and abstract florals are trending right now. Florals give an abstract effect and can also brighten up the room both in natural and artificial lighting. If you are having a property in Navi Mumbai and love the luxurious touch then florals are the best choice. Imagine a floral wallpaper in your walk-in wardrobe with a subtly striated marble countertop with a jeweled mirror faceted crystal sconces, and antique gold fixtures change the ordinary wardrobe into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe. Adding vases of fresh flowers in and around the living and dining room can bring a bout of freshness to the room.

4.Wood washes:

In the recent times, the rustic wood interior has been making a mark in many Projects in Navi Mumbai. Having a wood finish in your living room increases texture and gives a rustic look of a cozy old cabin. The white washed woods are the most popular choice of wood d├ęcor used by interior designers. Having a wooden panel in the living room or a separator along with a white sofa and wooden table gives an eloquent look to the living room.

5.Concrete resurrection:

Bricks and cement are a unique and exhilarating way to bring a luxury feel to your home. It adds a sleek industrial look to the home. Open brick walls on either side with a basket hanging in the middle and surrounded by the plush sofa, cushions, and a tea table will give an ultimate look of luxury to the room. When coupled with bold textures and colors, concrete walls can create a luxurious impact. Increasing concrete in your apartment is a great way to the advantage of unique textures and modern finishes.

Implementing these home designs will guarantee luxury in your dream home and will make your home stand out in the crowd.

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