Builders in Navi Mumbai
The current real estate market scenario of Navi Mumbai is quite favorable to home buyers. Starting from demonetization to the introduction of RERA along with tax benefits, reduction of property rates and a range of affordable housing options from many Builders in Navi Mumbai. Moreover, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme introduced by the Government has also proven to be a huge incentive.

With all these advantages, it is the right time to buy a home of your own, however choosing the right builder is the key. There is an availability of many builders in the market and choosing the builder who is compatible with the buyer’s interest is essential as there are projects in the market that have been abandoned or in litigation. A person could lose their life savings by investing with the wrong builder.

Here are some tips to choose the right builder:


Most buyers prefer builder who has well upstanding in the market and with a reputation for handing over projects in the committed time. Using the internet and locally available newspapers and other journals to research about the builder is a good place to start. Asking the residents of the other projects completed by the same builder will also let the buyer know the builder’s response to any problems raised by the buyer.

Permissions and regulations:

RERA has introduced a string of regulations that also involve obtaining a license for the Projects in Navi Mumbai, appraising any changes that take in place in the plan of the building or procuring all the requisite permissions and so on. The builder should also be featured on the RERA website that lists the builders who are registered and authorized to commence their projects.

Quality matters:

When looking to invest in a Property in Navi Mumbai, it is essential to check the quality of the materials used by the buyer. Many property brochures contain the list of materials they use for the construction. Are the materials are a well-known brand and the checking the past projects also prove the builder’s reputation.

Track record:

There are many real estate developers in Navi Mumbai who have an experience and a better track record when it comes to completing projects on time. Looking for a builder who is a member of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) or Builder’s Association of India (BAI) is a better choice. These institutions stress transparency and have strict rules regarding quality for its members to abide.

Resale and compensation:

Learn about the resale value of the property in the area and for the builders whose Projects in Navi Mumbai still maintain their same value are a good choice because they are known for the quality of construction. Buyer should also note if there is any compensation clause in the sale agreement in case the project is delayed.

Buying a home is a major life decision for an individual. It is essential to gather all information and do an extensive research to choose a developer who fits the above requirements. So, take time and consider your options carefully before investing in your dream home.

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