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How to Choose the Right Builders in Navi Mumbai?

The current real estate market scenario of Navi Mumbai is quite favorable to home buyers. Starting from demonetization to the introduction of RERA along with tax benefits, reduction of property rates and a range of affordable housing options from many Builders in Navi Mumbai. Moreover, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme introduced by the Government has also proven to be a huge incentive.

With all these advantages, it is the right time to buy a home of your own, however choosing the right builder is the key. There is an availability of many builders in the market and choosing the builder who is compatible with the buyer’s interest is essential as there are projects in the market that have been abandoned or in litigation. A person could lose their life savings by investing with the wrong builder.

Here are some tips to choose the right builder:


Most buyers prefer builder who has well upstanding in the market and with a reputation for handing over projects in the committed time. Using the internet and locally available newspapers and other journals to research about the builder is a good place to start. Asking the residents of the other projects completed by the same builder will also let the buyer know the builder’s response to any problems raised by the buyer.

Permissions and regulations:

RERA has introduced a string of regulations that also involve obtaining a license for the Projects in Navi Mumbai, appraising any changes that take in place in the plan of the building or procuring all the requisite permissions and so on. The builder should also be featured on the RERA website that lists the builders who are registered and authorized to commence their projects.

Quality matters:

When looking to invest in a Property in Navi Mumbai, it is essential to check the quality of the materials used by the buyer. Many property brochures contain the list of materials they use for the construction. Are the materials are a well-known brand and the checking the past projects also prove the builder’s reputation.

Track record:

There are many real estate developers in Navi Mumbai who have an experience and a better track record when it comes to completing projects on time. Looking for a builder who is a member of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) or Builder’s Association of India (BAI) is a better choice. These institutions stress transparency and have strict rules regarding quality for its members to abide.

Resale and compensation:

Learn about the resale value of the property in the area and for the builders whose Projects in Navi Mumbai still maintain their same value are a good choice because they are known for the quality of construction. Buyer should also note if there is any compensation clause in the sale agreement in case the project is delayed.

Buying a home is a major life decision for an individual. It is essential to gather all information and do an extensive research to choose a developer who fits the above requirements. So, take time and consider your options carefully before investing in your dream home.

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Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends

Home is the place where you let your inhibitions loose and have a relaxed time. Adding a wee bit of luxury to our home is the perfect ending to a long and arduous day. Many interior designers use a mix of materials and finishes to add that luxurious touch. Many Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai recommend these five luxury home design trends.

1.Wallpaper makeover:

Many are of the opinion, that wallpapers are a thing of the past. It is a common misconception, one can use wallpapers to create different looks for each and every room of the property. There are many kinds of wallpapers that come in metallic accents, florals, rich colors that just pop and capture the essence of the room. Using one wallpaper on side of the room and paint on the other side is a great way to bring out the furnishings of the room. Wallpaper can also be used to create accents or bring layers of textures to the whole house.

2.Beautiful lightning:

Lighting is the magic that can make or break a room. Dynamic lighting helps in adding a retro look to the room. Setting up a zigzag lighting pattern on the bedroom walls with the built-in library over headboard can add a romantic yet efficient effect to the bedroom. Many Builders in Navi Mumbai, recommend the use of well-organized lighting to add luxury to the apartment.

3.Fusion of floral trends:

Bold and abstract florals are trending right now. Florals give an abstract effect and can also brighten up the room both in natural and artificial lighting. If you are having a property in Navi Mumbai and love the luxurious touch then florals are the best choice. Imagine a floral wallpaper in your walk-in wardrobe with a subtly striated marble countertop with a jeweled mirror faceted crystal sconces, and antique gold fixtures change the ordinary wardrobe into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe. Adding vases of fresh flowers in and around the living and dining room can bring a bout of freshness to the room.

4.Wood washes:

In the recent times, the rustic wood interior has been making a mark in many Projects in Navi Mumbai. Having a wood finish in your living room increases texture and gives a rustic look of a cozy old cabin. The white washed woods are the most popular choice of wood décor used by interior designers. Having a wooden panel in the living room or a separator along with a white sofa and wooden table gives an eloquent look to the living room.

5.Concrete resurrection:

Bricks and cement are a unique and exhilarating way to bring a luxury feel to your home. It adds a sleek industrial look to the home. Open brick walls on either side with a basket hanging in the middle and surrounded by the plush sofa, cushions, and a tea table will give an ultimate look of luxury to the room. When coupled with bold textures and colors, concrete walls can create a luxurious impact. Increasing concrete in your apartment is a great way to the advantage of unique textures and modern finishes.

Implementing these home designs will guarantee luxury in your dream home and will make your home stand out in the crowd.

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Why Should you Invest in Real Estate Projects of Navi Mumbai?

Mumbai’s real estate investment is always a hot topic, and every development in Mumbai and its suburbs are under constant scrutiny of the developers. One such area that recently witnessed a growth surge and infrastructure developments is the satellite city Navi Mumbai. There is a significant rise in Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai offering their properties for sale.

Now let us look at some reasons to invest in Navi Mumbai real estate projects:

1.Great properties:

Property in Navi Mumbai comes with high-quality specifications along with excellent location and amenities. They build community projects that come with the comforts of parks, shopping malls, clubs, conference rooms, guest rooms, round the clock security and many more.

2.Locational advantages:

Builders in Navi Mumbai are offering properties that are strategically located and has the advantage of assessing the bustling city of Mumbai, Pune and the areas of Ulwe, Kharghar. Navi Mumbai is also going to be home to the Mumbai Trans Harbour line making it longest seaway route in the country.

3.Price of the residential property:

Residential properties in Navi Mumbai cost very less than procuring an apartment in Mumbai. Every Mumbaikar knows that Navi Mumbai is the place to purchase their dream home. The per square foot rates are very less than any other surrounding metros. When it costs an average of Rs 3 to 5 Crore to purchase a 1000 sq.Ft apartment in Mumbai, you can get the same apartment for Rs80 lakhs to 1 Crore in Navi Mumbai.

4.Return on investment:

Navi Mumbai is now becoming a preferred location for IT parks, Special Economic Zones and the upcoming Navi Mumbai international airport that will take on the heavy load of the Mumbai international airport. These advantages are available for those buyers who will buy a property from the builders in Navi Mumbai. In the coming times, a property acquired in Navi Mumbai will have its value raised, and there is also the potential of earning higher rental incomes in the coming years.

5.Capital appreciation:

Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai are offering properties along with add-ons such as woodwork, interior decorations, and many more fittings. The buildings are available in a location that has the potential to get appreciated over time. The City Industrial Development Corporation of Mumbai (CIDCO) has also allotted more than 800 acres of land to be developed as residential and commercial units thereby making Navi Mumbai as the preferred location for first time home buyers and budding industrialists.

6.Impact of RERA:

The implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority has guaranteed the buyers peace of mind by making the disclosures and the buying process more transparent. The confidence instilled by RERA has made Navi Mumbai as the trending place. The builders in Navi Mumbai need to seek and obtain the necessary permissions from the local authorities and RERA before commencing on the project, and they have apprised the customers even the minuscule changes in the plan or the property. So, the buyer can procure properties from the Builders in Navi Mumbai, without a shadow of a doubt.

These reasons attest to the fact that buyer can purchase a property from the real estate developers in Navi Mumbai without any second thoughts and benefits from the major development that are happening in this satellite city Navi Mumbai.

Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai

Recovery in Navi Mumbai in Real Estate Investments in 2018

The real estate market is getting back to its pace after the run-ins with demonetization, GST, and RERA. Most of the metros and cities are maintaining the same prices or have experienced a little fluctuation. The satellite city of Navi Mumbai is one of those places that witnessed an upward rise in the sales of Projects in Navi Mumbai and its surroundings.

The Navi Mumbai real estate is going through booming phase due to its locational advantages. The real estate. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act is one of the major factors that boosted the property of Navi Mumbai.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act was implemented to protect the interest of the home buyers and raise investments in the real estate. After, the implementation of the RERA, the real estate developers in Navi Mumbai have seen a consequential rise in the sale of properties.

It has become mandatory for all real estate developers to adhere to the rules of the RERA. Even the slightest alteration in the building has to be apprised to the buyer by the builder. RERA has given an opportunity for a lot of authentic Builders in Navi Mumbai to offer world-class projects to home buyers.

The imposing of GST also launched the market into a state, of confusion and the increasing clarity has also prompted buyers to invest in projects around the country.

Not only the reforms of RERA and GST but the location and infrastructure developments have made the area of Navi Mumbai more enticing. The City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (CIDCO) has been in the projects of establishing SEZs at Dronagiri, Ulwe, and Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai which is to be well-connected by road, rail, sea and air transport. The traffic from these employments can guarantee a rental income for buyers investing in projects in Navi Mumbai leading to an increase in property purchase.

The Navi Mumbai international airport has also boosted the real estate scenario of Navi Mumbai. The massive and rapid development of CIDCO which has allotted more than 800 acres of land for further residential and commercial development has accelerated the investment.

These properties come with a lesser rate than compared to the skyrocketing real estate prices in Mumbai. The flats in Ulwe or Taloja are available at a starting rate of Rs.4500 to Rs.9000 per square feet. Projects in Navi Mumbai are also in close proximity of operational and upcoming IT parks and Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zones. The locational advantage of Taloja, a bustling property in Navi Mumbai is perfect for people and gives them easy access to the highways and the areas of NH-4, Kharghar, Kalamboli, and Sheelphata, etc.

The Mumbai Trans Harbour link is an under-construction 21.8 km, which is a freeway grade road bridge connecting the bustling Mumbai with Navi Mumbai. Once completed, this bridge would be the longest sea bridge in the country thereby appreciating the land value of the city.

The real estate of Navi Mumbai is well on its way to recovery due to the project and infrastructural development by the CIDCO. The implementation of RERA and GST also has paved the way for the buyers to be directly benefited by purchasing properties only from genuine Builders in Navi Mumbai who can clear the conditions and the norms set by the authority. All in all, an investment in Navi Mumbai is good investment decision.

Property in Taloja

How to buy your next Property in Taloja?

Buying a property is a big step in an individual’s life, and the location of Navi Mumbai is the perfect choice for your purchase. The real estate market of Taloja is bustling with properties from Builders in Navi Mumbai and has great amenities along with locational advantages.

Here some tips to buy your next apartment property in Taloja:

1.Shop around:

If you are looking for investing in Taloja projects, the best idea is to shop around, look at some properties, compare the properties, its facilities, and the price. Comparing properties around town will give you a better idea of the market and clarity on what type of property you would like to invest.

2.Research the market:

Before embarking on the purchase on a Property in Taloja, you should research the market and know the about the current market value and the guideline value of the property. Know about the extra costs that are associated with the property and the prices offered by the builders in Navi Mumbai for the apartment with the same specification.

3.Check your financials:

When planning a big purchase, it is prudent to have a look over your financials and know how much you need to keep aside for the down payment and how much loan amount should you avail. Apart from the down payment, you should also keep aside funds for decorating the house or for buying the appliances and other expenses.

4.Inspect the property:

After deciding on a Property in Navi Mumbai, you should inspect the apartment for any repairs or modifications as per your wishes. Once you checked the property and found any discrepancies, then you should immediately inform the builder and get the appropriate work done.


When purchasing a property in Taloja, you should check whether the builders have all the necessary approvals like building permits, all the clearances required for the building including clear land documents, sale agreements and title deeds. Having a clear property without encumbrance is the best property to invest.

6.Closing the deal:

When closing the real estate deal, there will be a lot of pressure on both sides, more on the buyer as it is an essential part of their life. When closing the purchase, a lot of small things will come up at the last minute like registration charges and balance payments from the buyer’s side or any obligations from the seller that is yet to be completed.

It is prudent that the decision of purchasing an apartment should not be taken in haste. All the necessary checks and financial planning should be undertaken before going for a property purchase. Planning will save you from making any wrong decisions and from a financial crisis. Nowadays the real estate sector in Navi Mumbai is booming, and this is the correct time to invest in Taloja and enjoy its advantages. Buying an apartment is no mean feat, and these tips will help you purchase your dream home in Taloja.

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10 Home Buying Tips for Property in Navi Mumbai

Buying a property is the dream of many, and Navi Mumbai is one of the fast-developing areas that have a multitude of real estate developers offering projects with world-class amenities. If you are first time home buyer or a new buyer investing in Navi Mumbai, here are some tips.

Tip No#1:

Decide the investment limit:

When investing in a property in Navi Mumbai, the buyer should first set a budget for the property and also save for the deposit that is needed for the down payment apart from the home loan. Before zeroing in on the sale, the buyer should also evaluate their prior financial obligations like personal loan, student loan and the amount they can pay as Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) apart from their monthly budget of expenses.

Tip No#2

The buyer should assess their future needs and goals of their investment. They should decide whether investing in projects in Navi Mumbai is justified for personal needs or is it for capital appreciation.

Tip No#3:

Improve your CIBIL score before applying for a home loan with bankers. A better CIBIL score can even guarantee a higher loan amount than the one you originally applied.

Tip No#4:

When looking for loans, the buyer should shop around and check the offers of different bankers, their interest rates, and other add-ons. Compare the offers and pick the best one. Some real estate developers in Navi Mumbai also tie-up with leading bankers to get better rates and loans for their customers.

Tip No#5:

The buyer should research the locations before investing in the project. They should check whether the all the basic amenities and facilities are available and if the area is also well secured.

Tip No#6:

The buyer should also research the credibility of the buyer. There are many builders in Navi Mumbai who have a good credibility record in handing over the completed projects with the promised features and amenities.

Tip No#7:

After zeroing in on the purchase of the project, the buyer should negotiate the rates with the builder to get better rates for the property in Navi Mumbai. As the real estate is in rapid development in Navi Mumbai, many builders can offer promotional offers to sell their residential units.

Tip No#8:

The buyer should verify all the legal documents pertaining to the purchase of the residential unit. The share certificate, sale agreement, society documents, sanction plans, encumbrance certificate alshould be in proper format and updated with accurate details.

Tip No#9:

The buyer should also check the security arrangements of the apartments. Repeated checks will help the buyer to know the lax in the security arrangements and point out to the builder to tighten them.

Tip No#10:

Last but not least, the buyer should always purchase the property that is within their financial limits. Purchasing a higher value property will push the buyer into a pool of debt. Checking the current financial needs and then evaluating for the purchase is a better option.

These are some of the tips that a home buyer should keep in mind before taking in the big leap. Buying a home is a big part of individual life, and the buyer should take prudent decisions when investing.

Flats in Ulwe

Reasons for Investing in Projects in Ulwe

Ulwe is one of the future investment areas of Navi Mumbai. The strategic location of Ulwe is very advantageous as it is in proximity to the plans of Reliance SEZ , close to Navi Mumbai International Project, Mumbai Trans Harbor line, a railway connecting Nerul – Ulwe. Many builders in Ulwe are in the process of completing of prestigious Projects in Ulwe that offer world-class amenities and facilities within their premises.

Here are the some of the reasons for investing in projects in Ulwe:

1.Capital appreciation:

The average rate of per square feet in Ulwe is Rs.5,773- Rs.8,238 and this price are showing a promising uptrend in the years to come. Flats in Ulwe offer the same quality and amenities on par with projects in Mumbai thereby making up for a great lifestyle.


Ulwe has the proximity advantage by road, air, and sea, thereby elevating it to be one of most sought after localities in Navi Mumbai. Some of the projects that are taking place in Ulwe are:

  • Upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport(NMIA)
  • Navi Mumbai Metro Rail
  • Mumbai Trans Harbour Link(Nhava-SewriSealink)
  • Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ)
  • Easy access to developed nodes like Belapur, Seawoods & Vashi
  • Ulwe has its fire station which will be one of the biggest fire stations in Navi Mumbai.

These projects will popularize Ulwe regarding price and preferability over Mumbai.

3.Less expensive:

Ulwe is less costly when compared to Mumbai as it also offers a quick commute from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai. The cost of the flat is quite less when compared to a property in the heart of Mumbai. Many builders in Ulwe offer affordable housing with the same amenities that are also available in the city of Mumbai.

4.Special Economic Zone:

The City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (CIDCO) has been in the projects of establishing SEZs at Ulwe which is to be well-connected by road, rail, sea and air transport. The priority of this SEZ is to increase employment opportunities in the sectors of IT and financial services. The people employed in Ulwe SEZ will benefit by investing in projects in Ulwe that also give them the locational advantage.

5.Price advantage:

If you are a potential home buyer looking for Flats in Ulwe, then this is the right time as there are many prestigious and reputable builders offering projects at half the price of other areas in Navi Mumbai. For example, a flat of 1000 sq.ft is priced Rs 1-1.5 crore in Nerul, but the buyer can purchase the same area for Rs.60-80 lakhs in Ulwe.

6.Lower pollution:

Navi Mumbai has been ranked 12th among 73 cities surveyed for cleanliness and hygiene by the Union Ministry of Urban Development and the Quality Council of India. The Sub-divisions of Navi Mumbai like Ulwe, Kharghar. Taloja and others have undertaken significant actions to ensure a clean environment in harmony with ongoing commercialization, unlike the metropolitan city of Mumbai where pollution is a major problem. The city has been designed and developed diligently, with well-planned drainage systems and sewage treatment plants.

These are just some of the reasons for the buyer to invest in Ulwe. The scope of capital appreciation and ergonomic development is enticing buyers to invest in Projects in Ulwe. Buy your dream home in Ulwe today and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Property to Earn Rental Income

Having a second source of income is always beneficial for individuals. There are many ways to earn a passive income like through investments, rental income, and others. The most traditional way is earning rent through property investments. Many MumbaiKars or Mumbai wale are investing in the projects of real estate developers in Navi Mumbai to have non-stop flow of side income.

However, before buying a property to earn rental income, there are a few things to consider:

1.The 1% rule:

When buying an investment property, the buyer should at least get 1% of the property’s value as a return. Before deciding on a projects in Navi Mumbai, the buyer should check the existing rental income of the area and the likelihood of its increase in the near future. This evaluation will be helpful for buyers who rely on home loans to purchase the investment property.


Location is an important deciding factor when purchasing a rental property. A property in a strategic location or an upcoming location is more guaranteed to generate a considerable amount of rent. This condition is fulfilled if the buyer decides to buy a property in Navi Mumbai as it has the advantage of strategic location coupled with infrastructure growth that will generate employment opportunities.


Having a property with the amenities like children’s parks, the play areas, club houses and other recreational activities will help in increasing the rental income. People looking for a rental place are willing to pay more for these type of apartments. There are many Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai who offer these amenities at competitive prices that are beneficial for investment buyers.


When investing in rental property, the owner has to maintain a significant deposit to cover the expenses that might arise like repairs, makeover of the living room or the bedroom, wiring works and others. When subletting the apartment or individual house, the owner has to handover the house in a neat and working condition so as to justify the charge of the rent.

5.Know the returns:

If the buyer is only investing in the for the sake of investment only, then they should calculate the amount of passive income they can generate if the flat is given for rental. The property in Navi Mumbai has a great advantage in this regard due to its locational advantage and proximity to the bustling city of Mumbai and Pune.

6.Capital appreciation:

Capital appreciation is an essential aspect of rental investment. Navi Mumbai is now booming with rapid appreciation of its properties in the real estate market. The location and the upcoming developments will ensure a rise in the value of the properties across Taloja, Ulwe or Kharghar due to the rising need o housing that is lacking severely in Mumbai.

Looking for a property that fits the criteria above, is a good bet to increase passive income till the owner holds the property. Navi Mumbai is on its way to becoming a well-planned city with bustling life that are prerequisites for a good source of rental income.

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Buying Property in Real Estate Projects of Navi Mumbai is a Good Investment?

Real estate investment is now on the rise thanks to the spearhead developments of the Indian real estate market. Just like all the metropolitan cities, Navi Mumbai is fast becoming a well-developed area with facilities and amenities rivaling the luxury developers of the world.

These are some of the reasons that makes the real estate of Navi Mumbai a good investment:

1.Less expensive:

Navi Mumbai is less costly when compared to Mumbai as it is also a quick commute from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai. The cost of the flat is quite less when compared to a property in the heart of Mumbai. There are many builders in Navi Mumbai who offer affordable housing with the same amenities that are also available in the city of Mumbai.


The City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (CIDCO) has recently allotted more than 800 acres of land to be converted as residential property. This land is a gold mine for Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai to build stunning projects that offer world-class quality and amenities.

3.Special Economic Zone:

The City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (CIDCO) has been in the projects of establishing SEZs at Dronagiri, Ulwe, and Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai which is to be well-connected by road, rail, sea and air transport. The priority of this SEZ is to increase the participation of IT and financial services. The traffic from these employments can guarantee a rental income for buyers investing in projects in Navi Mumbai.

4.Navi Mumbai International Airport:

There is also the proposed construction of Navi Mumbai International airport along with plans for a new township, the Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA), close to the airport, on 3000 acres of land. This construction will create job vacancies which in turn a reasonable raise for the property value which also makes it attractive for real estate developers in Navi Mumbai.

5.Lower pollution:

Navi Mumbai has been ranked 12th among 73 cities surveyed for cleanliness and hygiene by the Union Ministry of Urban Development and the Quality Council of India. Navi Mumbai area has taken significant actions to ensure a clean environment in harmony with commercialization, unlike Mumbai where pollution is a major problem. The city has been developed pedantically, with well-planned drainage systems and sewage treatment plants.

6.Social life:

Mumbai is well-known for its recreational facilities, and Navi Mumbai has also followed Mumbai’s suit. Navi Mumbai has well-planned recreational facilities for both old and the young to enjoy their life and at the same time giving the residents of Mumbai a break from their hectic schedule. The up and developing city is well profitable for people investing in a property in Navi Mumbai as it has all the facilities needed for all age groups.

Navi Mumbai is fast becoming a preferred choice for people who want to own a property in Mumbai, but away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city. Invest in Navi Mumbai today and reap the profits from your investments that will grow in time.

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Five Security Features a Must Have in Your New Flats in Kharghar

When purchasing a new residential property with the real estate developers in Navi Mumbai, there are some important things, which an individual need to consider and the security of the flat tops that checklist. The security plays a very important part as it helps secure your loved ones and your home from intruders.

Here are some of the five security features you should have when purchasing a property in Navi Mumbai:

1. Location matters:

When looking for projects in Navi Mumbai, the buyer should pay attention to the location of the place where the proposed project is about to take place. The neighborhood should be safe and secure with a police station nearby and past thefts and other unsavory activities. Buying a property in a safe and secure location is the first and foremost security feature.

2. Security personnel:

Many projects in Navi Mumbai have security guards on the building when commencing and after finishing the project. One visit to the project lets you know how much security does the project have and the ensuing visits will let you know the efficiency of the security. If there is any lapse in the security, you must bring to the attention of the builders and have the issue sorted. Having an efficient security system is important when choosing a gated community project.

3. Doors, windows, and fire exit:

When planning to buy a property from Builders in Navi Mumbai, it is vital to check the quality of the doors, windows of the property. The buyer should also be apprised of the fire and emergency exits that come with the building. The door keys and windows are the essential items that are responsible for your home’s security.

4. Smoke detectors and fire alarm:

Having a working fire alarm and conducting fake drills is very important for gated communities and flat projects as it involves a lot of lives at stake. You should also know where are the fire exits are near your flat in case of fire.

5. Install your security system:

Decorating your house may seem to be of utmost importance but at the same time securing it is also very essential. Before shifting to the flat, make sure you have a reliable security system installed. There are many security systems available in the market, so pick the best system that secures your home and at the same time should fit your pocket. There are many wireless security systems that offer biometric access, fingerprint scanning, and video door call feature which lets the house owner to know who is on the other side of the door.

Having a good security system in place helps you breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your time with your family. Many Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai offer their projects with a good and well-designed security system for their customers. So, start looking for a property in Navi Mumbai, that is not only well-equipped with amenities but also provides the needed security for you and loved ones.