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Home Loan Tips For First Time Home Buyers Flats in Ulwe

Buying a home is a significant step in an individual’s life as it is their place where they get the happily ever after ending. Nowadays, the development of the Indian real estate has got many projects lining up around the country. In Navi Mumbai, there is a prominent development of Projects in Ulwe and other surrounding areas.

However, when buying a home for the first time through the course of the home loan, there are some points the individual needs to consider:

1.Plan your expenses:

When planning to buy a home, first the individual has to calculate their expenditure and the excess amount. Then figure the budget for your home. Once the budget is set, calculate the EMI’s. The result should not tax on your regular budget nor hinder your living expenses. It is an ideal position for the home buyers to have their EMI’s at 50% of their monthly income. This position is also favorable for bankers to grant the loan.

2.Get ready for down payment:

Bankers affront the up to 85% to 90% of the property value, and the buyers have to come up with the balance amount. The individual has to keep the amount ready from their personal finances so that the loan process as it speeds ups the loan process. However, if the individual has not planned well for the down payment, it can heavily land them in debt.

3.Know your loan eligibility:

When buying a home for the first time in Ulwe, the buyer should check his home loan eligibility. There are many online calculators available that will help the individual to check their loan eligibility. Being prepared for the amount of loan the buyer qualifies helps them avoid any nasty shocks later. The buyer can also make the proper preparations for the down payment.

4.Know the loan process:

Before availing the loan for Projects in Ulwe, the buyer has to know about the loan process, the required documents, the time taken for the procession of the loan, the bank’s area of scrutiny and the disbursement schedule of the loan. Knowing these particulars beforehand helps the buyer to plan their schedule as the home loan is an arduous process.

5.Credit Score:

This is the most important and necessary condition for first home buyers. When looking to purchase a property like Flats in Ulwe or flats in any part of the country, the buyer’s credit score plays an important role in the approval of the loan. The higher the credit score, the higher the chances of loan approval and disbursement of the higher loan amount. If the credit score is low, there is a high possibility that the loan will not be approved or it will be rejected altogether.

These are some of the tips that will help a home loan buyer to make the correct choice of the home when looking for Flats in Ulwe or projects in Ulwe. Buying a home is a very big step in a person’s life, so taking a proper and informed decision is always the best decision.

5 Basic Tips For Investing In Real Estate Property in Taloja

Taloja is one of the bustling areas of Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai . The real estate developers in Navi Mumbai are rapidly developing their residential property in Taloja. Taloja locality is quite close to hospitals, schools, and other amenities. It is also quite close to the proposed Alibaug Virar Highway. However, when investing in properties, the investor has to be knowledgeable about their decision and its consequences.

Here are some of the tips for investing in Real Estate property in Taloja :

1. Assessing the need :

The buyer should have a clear understanding of their requirements when searching for property In Taloja. Knowing the type of property, the amenities provided by the developer and the proximity of the basic needs are all important factors when zeroing in on the sale. There are many projects in Kharghar and projects in Ulwe that will satisfy the buyer’s condition. The amenities like Yoga centers, walking footpaths, toddler’s and kids play area, guest parking, sports ground, community halls, clubhouse, etc. are some of the features of a good residential project.

2. Locational Advantage :

When planning to invest in a property, the buyer has to pay attention to the location of the project. The location should be ideally nearby to public transportation, amenities like children’s play area, park, hospitals, schools, market and other factors. Projects in Navi Mumbai fulfill all these conditions which makes it a suitable investment for the buyer.

3. Know the developer’s credentials :

When looking for flats in Ulwe or for Flats in Kharghar, it is essential to check the developer’s credential before buying the property. The developer must have acquired the proper approvals of RERA and from the local municipality to embark on the project. The buyer should also check the track record of handing over the property by the developer before investing.

4. Know the returns :

If the buyer is only investing in the Taloja projects for the sake of investment only, then they should calculate the amount of passive income they can generate if the flat is given for rental. The property in Navi Mumbai has a great advantage in this regard due to its locational advantage and proximity to the bustling city of Mumbai and Pune.

5. Transparent dealing :

When investing in property, a clear title deed is not the only criterion the buyer should also acquire a clear sale deed stating their possession of the property. The terms and conditions of the sale and the price of the property should be transparent with no hidden charges. The builder or the developer must provide the buyer with the the Occupation Certificate or Completion Certificate after completion of the project. They should also have approved tie-ups with leading lenders who are ready to finance the purchase of the property by the buyer.

When investing in real estate, these are some of the basic tips an investor should keep in mind. These basic checks will help the investor in buying the right property, and they can enjoy its benefits for generations to come.

10 Reasons to Buy Investment Property in Taloja In 2018

Real estate in Navi Mumbai has been on the rise since the beginning of 2018. There are many Real estate developers in Navi Mumbai offering high quality constructed flats for a competitive price in Taloja and other areas. There are also many ongoing projects in Ulwe that have a wide range of options for every budget.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should buy investment property in Taloja in 2018:

1. A home for every budget:

Taloja properties has homes for every investor, regardless of their budget. It is quite easy to acquire a property in Taloja as there are a lot of upcoming projects by reputed developers.

2. Passive income:

Projects in Kharghar are a good avenue for lifelong passive income as the investor can enjoy the benefits of rental income given the rising housing need and the population of Mumbai.

3. Capital appreciation:

Navi Mumbai is now witnessing the rapid appreciation of its properties in the real estate market. The location and the upcoming developments will ensure a rise in the value of the properties across Taloja, Ulwe or Kharghar.

4. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana:

The investor can avail the credit linked subsidy scheme of the Indian Governments also known as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme to purchase a property with Builders in Navi Mumbai.

5. Connectivity:

Navi Mumbai is a fast developing area with access to the upcoming international airport and is well connected by trains, buses and other means of transport.

6. Locality:

Navi Mumbai is a well-planned city, and Taloja is very close to Kharghar. The flats in Kharghar and Flats in Taloja is well connected to the Mumbai Pune Highway. It is near to schools, hospitals, gardens, play grounds and markets.

7. Socio-cultural advantage:

Flats in Ulwe and other areas of Navi Mumbai are very well-planned with parks and other amusement areas which help in building social interaction and have fun-filled evenings.

8. Value:

Properties in Navi Mumbai are available at affordable prices, but as there is the expansion of Highway and the IT sector, there will be definite value appreciation of the property. The increasing value of the property will help the investor in wealth creation.

9. Proximity:

Projects in Navi Mumbai are in close proximity of IT parks and Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zones, Taloja is one of the best places to buy investment property. The locational advantage of Taloja is perfect for people and gives them easy access to quick getaways like NH-4, Kharghar, Kalamboli, and Sheelphata, etc.

10. Safest Investment:

Owning a house is the safest investment which empowers the investor to fix the price, unlike the other securities that are influenced by the market and the company’s decisions. The real estate does not fluctuate like the money market.

These are some of the advantages of owning an investment property in Taloja in 2018. It is the right time for the buyer to invest in the real estate sector as Navi Mumbai is slowly becoming the center of attention for many industries and infrastructural developments.

10 Reasons To Invest Property in Navi Mumbai Market In 2018

Navi Mumbai has been a favoured market when it comes to buying a property. No wonder, Projects in Ulwe​ is a topic often discussed for the pros and cons. There is a positive sentiment while investing in Property in Taloja ​given the demonetisation, the RERA Act (2016) and the likes. In this blog we take you closer to the top 10 reasons why Navi Mumbai is a preferred destination for home buyers in the year 2018.

Let us understand one by one!

1) Navi Mumbai Airport:-​ This was the major lagging project till the month of February 2018 since almost 2 decades. PM Narendra Modi has laid the foundation of Navi Mumbai International Airport, this year. Thus , giving it a high impetus. With an idea to keep the development of aviation infrastructure at the same pace with that of aviation sector, this move was undertaken and is most appreciated. Th new airport is reported to generate a direct and indirect employment by creating approximately 4 lakh jobs.

2) Navi Mumbai and the Mumbai connectivity:-​You can always take the JNPT Road in order to commute to Mumbai easily and speedily.

3) Shift of big corporates to Navi Mumbai:-​​ Low cost operations and better infrastructure have made the IT companies, MNCs migrate their offices in Airoli and Vashi in Navi Mumbai. So from a buyer’s perspective, he wants to buy a house nearer to the office for easier commutation.

4) Good RoI:-​ ​Due to the proposed international airport and the clearances from the environment ministry, prices of the Projects in kharghar, Kharghar and the likes have seen a steep rise of approximately 20 %, this year.

5) The year of consolidation:​Although, the RERA Act 2016 was implemented in 2016 some of its provisions got into effect last year.T the year 2018 is considered to be a year of consolidation. Thus, bringing in lot of transparency,accountability and compliance.

6) Planned nature of Navi Mumbai:-​ The city scores more when it comes to the well-organised infrastructure. Reputed schools, colleges , medical facilities and shopping malls are some other reasons to call it a home.

7) A green and clean environment:​-​ The e best part of the city is that it has lush green environment. People try to build second homes where they can come and unwind during the vacations

8) Better road and local train connectivity:-​ -​With the newly proposed roadways and the local railways, the city is getting closer to its big brother Mumbai.

9) Less pollution ​:-​ Less factories and less traffic than Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is preferred due to its less pollution.

10) Better quality of living:-​Navi Mumbai has always promised folks of quality living. The space available,the civic amenities and the booming infrastructure have caused a good demand for this place.

So are you ready to buy a home this year in Navi Mumbai?

Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai

Best 5 Localities to Rent in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is developed as a commercial hub next to Nariman Point, for decongesting the Nariman Point area. Now Navi Mumbai has IT, Bank companies and other retail giants setting their offices here. There are many job opportunities and the rental market in Navi Mumbai is witnessing a huge growth. If you are planning to rent an apartment in Navi Mumbai, these could be your choices.

Kharghar :

Properties in Kharghar are one of the most popular rented homes. Kharghar is a highly developed locality and there are number of residential projects in the area basically consisting of 2-3BHK units. Buying a Flats in kharghar and renting it out is recommended as Kharghar has become an urban hub in a very short duration of time. The infrastructure is very well developed and there are many entertainment hubs nearby making it a great place for staying.

Ulwe :

Buying a property in Ulwe is the best thing which you can do in case you are thinking of renting the property. Ulwe is the upcoming urban hub after Kharghar due to the presence of New International Airport. It is also connected to South Mumbai through ferries and metro. Properties in Ulwe are always great to invest in at this point of time so that you can rent them as you get the possession.

Taloja: :

Taloja is also upcoming location for buying and renting out properties. Most of the working class is preferring to buy a property in Taloja due to its accessibility to Navi Mumbai as well as Mumbai. The properties which are available are mostly semi-furnished properties so it makes the dweller easy to stay in. Invest in the Property in Taloja , you will never regret.

These locations are presently the most preferred locations in Navi Mumbai by the Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai.

How to Decide Which Property is Right for You in Navi Mumbai

Thinking to buy a Property in Navi Mumbai might be exciting but confusing at the same time. For the first time buyers, there might be many questions in mind such as how to get the best location? How to weigh the options correctly? How to choose from different properties in Navi Mumbai which are equally alluring? This article aims at helping you to find out which property is right for you.

Home buyer should follow following steps to make this process easier.

How to determine the area:

To identify where you would like to have your property, appropriate area has to be chosen. The area can be chosen considering the requirement of the family. It is very important to find out whether there are schools in the proximity, hospitals nearby, market areas and so on. The pricing of the property will be decided mostly based on the area.

Get your EMI calculations done:

Before calculating EMI it is important to identify what exactly you are looking at while searching for the property. As described above, the area in which you prefer to have your dream home matters. That will be the deciding factor for the amount that you are going to shell out. Once you have decided the area, the next thing is to identify the rates which are trending in that area. This information you can get it on the web. You can decide the size of the property based on the usage and then multiply the area with per square feet prizing.

Get your EMI calculations done:

Before calculating EMI it is important to identify what exactly you are looking at while searching for the property. As described above, the area in which you prefer to have your dream home matters. That will be the deciding factor for the amount that you are going to shell out. Once you have decided the area, the next thing is to identify the rates which are trending in that area. This information you can get it on the web. You can decide the size of the property based on the usage and then multiply the area with per square feet prizing. Once the area and the limit of EMI is decided you can take these further steps to decide on the property.

Find The Real Estate Developer:

There are number of real estate developers in Navi Mumbai. You can always choose from projects in Ulwe, Projects in Kharghar, and Projects in Taloja while hunting for the projects in Navi Mumbai. While finding the Real Estate Developers In Navi Mumbai , find out which amenities are being provided by the Developer.

Search for preferred property:

Searching for Properties in Navi Mumbai might get tedious as there are so many Projects in Navi Mumbai . But if you narrow down the basics, it becomes easier. Getting the right property needs a lot of homework. What might sound good to you may not be appropriate for other people so take this decision after a careful consideration. Doing a bit of research and following the points above will certainly help you find the right property.


How to choose from Stand Alone Buildings & Gated Communities ?

There is a non-ending discussion of whether you should chose stand alone building or gated community. Some buyers prefer stand alone buildings and some prefer gated communities but do we really know what are the pros and cons of stand alone buildings and gated communities? Here is a look. This is also a guide to know what should be chosen in case you are looking for buying a Property in Navi Mumbai.

Gated Communities:

Pros of Gated Communities
  • A well built gated community may have different complexes catering to the daily needs of their customers.
  • You may have swimming pools, health centers, play areas etc, which may add to the living costs.
  • In case you are preferring Properties in Kharghar, Property in Taloja, gated communities are the best bet.
Cons of Gated Communities
  • High cost of living is the biggest downside of Gated Communities. Every service which is provided by Gated Communities comes at a cost.
  • Most of the gated communities are located away from the city, to provide peaceful living, which is the best part of it.

Stand Alone Buildings:

Pros of Stand Alone Building
  • The best part of opting for standalone building is that the maintenance cost is very low.
  • You may get to stay in the heart of the city in the proximity of all the amenities such as hospitals, schools, gymnasium and alike.
  • Commute time is reduced considerably being in the heart of the city.
Cons of Stand Alone Building
  • The security of a standalone building is one of the biggest concerns even if they have a guard.
  • The Social Interaction is limited when it comes to Stand Alone building.

In terms of pricing stand – alone building wins hands down as compared to the gated communities. Real Estate Developers in Navi Mumbai have developed semi gated communities which would give benefit to buyers in terms of pricing and facilities.

While both- gated communities and standalone building, score an equal, given their merits and demerits, it is up to the buyer to decide what he prefers the most. Even more important is the choice of the credential developer. Make a prudent choice!

Builders in Navi Mumbai

Should you invest in Integrated Township?

  • Introduction: Integrated Township today is the norm of the Projects in Navi Mumbai. With rapidly disappearing backyards of the huge ancestral houses, we are comfortable with the reality of fast paced city life. City life is tricky as it does not have the luxuries of the town or a village, so some smart minds have come up with a novel idea of Integrated Township where one may not feel the lack of sustainable living. Let us understand some factors which you should consider for a project being called an Integrated Township.
  • What is Integrated Township? For a project to be called as an integrated township a project should be an independent sustainable unit. It should address basic needs of people such as education, shopping and health. Generally constructed over a land of 100 acres, there are townships which are constructed on a very small piece of land too, especially in case of cities where a lot of land is not available. In township there should be a mix of residential, commercial units along with infrastructure such as power, water, drainage,sewage etc. There should be more emphasis on the sustainable living.
  • Should you invest in integrated township? The answer to this question is Yes. Many states in India,especially Maharashtra relaxing norms which would help in promoting integrated developments, now there are many Builders in Navi Mumbai which are entering in the segment of integrated township. This is basically to reduce the unplanned development. There are properties in Ulwe which have schools nearby as a part of integrated development. Properties in Kharghar too have amazing integrated townships. With many Projects in Navi Mumbai coming up with this novel ideas, there are many takers for it too. Investing in Properties in Navi Mumbai which are located in the integrated township. Generally, integrated township is a safe bate for people who have kids and elderly people staying with them. One can easily access the school and hospital as it is within the reach. Play area, Gym, Swimming pool all are necessities of integrated township. Play area is an essential feature because it is a place where children and parents can unwind. Affordable housing with integrated township is one of the best options to invest at the present real estate scenario in Navi Mumbai. Have you thought over it yet?

Navi Mumbai – A Preferred Destination for Home Buyers

Navi Mumbai has been a home for many migrant workers since last decade. Availability of different companies, industries and a good commute are some of the reasons for the development of Navi Mumbai. Recently, affordable housing has made news and people from different parts of Mumbai are looking forward to invest in properties in Navi Mumbai. So, here is a sneak peek into the offer which Navi Mumbai has for the buyers.

  • Location:
    Over some years, properties in Navi Mumbai especially are counted as premium properties due to the amenities available. For the want of premium address people are interested in buying properties in Navi Mumbai, now especially in Kharghar, Taloja and Ulwe since these are the upcoming locations.
  • Commute:
    Availability of ample local train stations offers hassle-free commute options to the people living in Navi Mumbai. The development of roads is at par resulting in very less traffic snarls. The availability of city buses and ample other sources of commute makes Navi Mumbai a desired place to live. Projects in Kharghar are very close to the local train station as well as metro station making it the most preferred place.
  • Gated Communities:
    For over a decade, gated communities have been the best way of living as it offers everything to lead a comfortable life. A gated community is a place where each member of the family can have a time of their own. Different amenities such as swimming pools, children parks and walking areas are an integral part of these gated communities offering a safe heaven to one and all. Most of the Builders in Navi Mumbai look forward to deliver gated community projects understanding the requirement of the customers.
  • Availability of Schools:
    Navi Mumbai has some very renowned schools which have been functional since the development of the area. Some international schools are just near the gated communities and some are inside the gated communities. This makes Navi Mumbai a preferred location for buying properties. Flats in Ulwe, Flats in Kharghar are most sought after due to their proximity to good schools.
  • Proximity to the hospitals:
    The care of elderly is utmost important and it is always wise to buy a property which is near a good hospital. Navi Mumbai has many multispeciality hospitals in different areas. There are also many practitioners of alternative medicine. Availability of palliative care centers and good hospitals in the vicinity is one of the major reasons why Navi Mumbai is a preferred location for Home Buyers.
  • The upcoming International Airport:
    The development of Navi Mumbai and the upcoming international airport has always been in the news and rightly so. It is mainly because while in Navi Mumbai one has to commute a lot to reach both domestic as well as international airport. The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is an answer to this problem. The properties in ulwe are in demand due to its proximity to the upcoming International Airport.

Tips for NRI’s to invest in Navi Mumbai real estate market.

Introduction :

Are you Non Resident Indian? And you eye the lucrative Indian Market? Well, then must say that let not this opportunity slip off your hands. With the incorporation of the Benami ACT, FEMA, the RERA ACT, demonetisation, and the GST ACT, more and more investors are feeling secured to invest in the booming Indian Real Estate Sector. And why not? Who does not want the capital appreciation in addition to the regular rental income. Buy an apartment or a luxurious villa, the investment in the Navi Mumbai Real Estate Sector is definitely promising. Yes, the gains come hand in hand with small pain when it comes to buy a property in India. It is understandable that the less proximity to the property becomes a major issue while you decide to put the eggs in this basket

Navi Mumbai is growing by leaps and bounds. With its strategic location, tranquil environment, affordable housing and the greater commutation facilities Navi Mumbai is the first option where any investor would build a house of his own. We bring to you simple questions and give you tips so that the investment in your dreams in the Real Estate Sector becomes a happy and easy affair.

1) Why do you want to invest?

Before taking the first step towards your home, it is always advisable to introspect your purpose of investment in Navi Mumbai specially for Projects in Kharghar and Ulwe. You can be specific whether you want it for commercial use, you want to rent the residential home/apartment/villa, or you want to build a home for your old age. If you are looking for only high returns, then select highly developed areas of Navi Mumbai.

2) Did you check how credible is the house Developer?

Once the location is finalised upon, the next tough decision is about the house Developer. You being outside India, it would be appreciated of you thoroughly check the background of the builder. Either through your kith and kins or through having a even one on one communication on skype or phone.

3) Do you opt for housing loan?

The bank process is entirely different for the NRIs. If you have a great record of repayment acquiring loan should not be a hassle at all. If you have a pre-approved loan for yourself then it is just a cake-walk. Know about housing loan thoroughly before moving ahead.

4) Do you know Tax implications in India?

Non-Residential Indians should be cautious about investment, penalties, tax payment in India. Before you invest have a walkthrough the property taxes, rental taxes to avoid any huge losses.

5) Did you verify all the legal documents?

Verify the documents meticulously. The title of the property, the previous owners and the local authorities. You should always understand if there were any legal disputes associated with the property you have chosen.

By answering honestly all these 5 questions, a dream home is no farther away.

Happy house hunting!!